Public Implementation of Evidence-Based Mental Health Promotion
An increasing proportion of the population in Denmark are suffering from mental or physical problems as a consequence of prolonged stress. There is a strong need for publicly implemented, evidence-based interventions countering stress and promoting mental health and for systematic research into further developments in this area. This is the focus for Centre for Mental Health Promotion.

Centre for Mental Health Promotion (CMHP) collaborates with two major Danish municipalities (Copenhagen and Aalborg, respectively), major Danish universities and several research units to implement, investigate and develop evidence-based interventions countering stress.

Public implementation and integrated research
CMHP leads the currently largest public implementation of meditation-based stress reduction programs in Denmark. The course paradigm is termed “Open and Calm” or formally Relaxation-Response-based Mental Health Promotion” (RR-MHP; Jensen et al., 2015; Park et al., 2013). RR-MHP has been developed in a collaboration with Copenhagen University Hospital and the Benson-Henry Institute of Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard University.

Public implementation of evidence-based mental health promotion is highly recommended by e.g., the Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Danish Ministry of Employment, and the Danish National Research Centre of Working Environment. Internationally, the European Psychiatric Association and WHO also recommend mental health promotion and public health prevention strategies as the only viable solutions to the increasing health problems related to prolonged stress.

Cost-benefit research indicates that prompt action is worthwhile – both for the individual persons involved, as well as economically on a health-care service level, which has recently been supported for the RR-method (Stahl et al., 2015). Still, much more research into mental health promotion is strongly needed.

CMHP consists of two companies. CMHP – Research Unit (CVR-ID: 36097701) is a non-profit research organization that works as a cooperative partner with universities and other research units. CMHP – Implementation Unit Aps (CVR-ID 37072478) works to educate the municipalities’ own health workers in all phases of the implementation, such as referral and assessment of citizens, conducting the programs, and establishing the necessary work flow and organizational structures.

International collaboration
CMHP collaborates scientifically with university-based research centres in Denmark, Norway and the United States.